3 of the Best Locations for Family Portraits

Spring is a wonderful time to take family portraits. The world is new and fresh and offers a so many charming backdrops. But with all those options, how do you choose? Let's look at some fun, unique settings that you can use for your family photos and the advantages of each.

Your Home

Happy family with baby on front porch

This may surprise you, but there are several reasons why your home is one of the best places to take a family portrait. First, it's unique as well as uniquely suited to you. Second, it's where your family is most comfortable and this can be important when working with small children or those who are a bit "camera-shy". Look both inside and out and choose areas that display your family's distinctive style.

A Body of Water

Fran Dickenson Photography

Water makes a beautiful backdrop. You can choose a mountain lake to add vertical perspective and texture to your photo, or go for the softer look of a lake surrounded by trees and wildflowers. Stream banks also offer a variety of color and texture. Think about the statement you want to make. Do you want to portray your family as bold or beautiful (or both)? Then choose a backdrop with those qualities to enhance your portrait.

An Open Field

Family in Field with trees

It's important to have a focal point when using an open field, otherwise your family will look adrift in a sea of grass and flowers. Choose a field with a fence or leading lines running through it to add depth of field to your portrait. Or find an open space surrounded by trees to frame the family.

No matter which location you choose, it's important to consider lighting. While natural light is best, a glaring sun can make your family look washed out or faded. Make sure that there is open shade in the area you choose, or opt for a morning or evening shoot when the light is softer.  There are so many great spaces around Raleigh for an outdoor spring family photo session.  Contact me if you would like to schedule a photo shoot for your family!