The Darcy Family | Family Photo Session

Anyone who lives in our neighborhood knows and loves the Darcy Family.  Amy and Aaron are some of the most fun and happy people you will ever meet.  They asked me to take a family portrait for them at their beautiful home.  Their back yard was gorgeous with the fall light streaming through the yellow trees.  What a perfect day for the photo session!

The Darcy family consists of Aaron, Amy, Cooper, Beckett, Sophie and their sweet doggie Charlie, who seemed to enjoy posing for the pictures.  They wore coordinating outfits that looked great with the fall colors.  Their personalities shined through as we captured some awesome photos of their family in a place they hold near and dear to their hearts.  Their fire pit area, back porch and back fence provided interesting scenes for their family pictures.

The best part was watching them laugh and interact.  The Darcy family put me in a good mood that day, and I think these pictures show the fun that we had together.  Here are some of my favorites from our session!

p.s.  Check out Amy's cute sweater and shoes!